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Unparalleled Satisfaction in

a Colorfully Dazed Dream


Choose a piece of music and find a visual representation of the emotional experience while using a metaphor or telling a story. Use the projector along with celluloid film and symbolic objects of the metaphor or story to create images. Conceptualize the music experience with a visual solution.


I chose my favorite song—Dust It Off. One night, I listened to it until I fell asleep. The loop was vague but I still could hearit in my dream. It was a dream about being in Amsterdam. Even though I have never been to Amsterdam, the dream was so clear and real. My goal is to tell the viewer what my dream is about while complementing the rhythm and the lyric with expressions that I am half awake and still dreaming simultaneously.

The dø is a French/Finnish indie pop band founded in Paris in 2005. The band is composed of Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy.

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