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Diversified Immersive Event 1 — Pop Art



Diversified hosted an industry-wide Design Experience Tech Talk where attendees learned about immersive integrated experiences and the many aspects that go into creating them. Ethera was brought in to create graphic content that would highlight the strengths of the screens and the technology provided by co-sponsors, Sony and Analog way.

Ethera created two unique themes and over 10 minutes of graphics to create a memorable immersive experience. This theme represents women as the multi-dimensional beings that we are and showcases the many different roles that we play. Our graphics were Pop Art inspired and we set out to make them feel fresh with a cheeky, avant-garde attitude. We created artwork that would take advantage of the ability of Sony’s new Crystal LED display to show detail, crisp lines and beautiful blacks.


I am the designer and animator on this project with Ethera. I created concepts that are related to this topic, animate and illustrate the icons, and design a cohesive theme for iconography. 

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