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Consider the meaning of a selected word in the literal sense well as the abstract or slang context and design black and white posters portraying the meaning.


I chose the word " bedlam." What I think of bedlam is such a mess. This set of posters is to encourage people how to survive in a bedlam situation. 

The first one is called Think Straight Forward. Life is a bedlam for the human. Sometimes we have too many thoughts and emotions, and it is somehow a sense of distraction. "Don’t let the emotion interrupt your mission." This poster explains the different parts of the brain that control human's emotion and decision making. 


The second one is called Balance Bedlam. Thinking of what had we done? When we lost in bedlam, mostly we will get lost and confused. Some of us might want to escape. Don’t be afraid! Try to think straight and find your personal balance.

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